Synco Audio Mic-D30

  • Mic-D30 Professional On-Camera Microphone – Type-C to 3.5mm TRRS Phone Cable – Type-C to 3.5mm TRS Camera Cable – Type-C to USB Charging Cable – Shock Mount – Furry Windscreen – User Manual – Synco Audio 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Natural Sound Rendering
  • Super High Sensitivity
  • Real-time Audio Monitoring System
  • 75Hz/150Hz Low Cut Filter


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SYNCO Mic-D30: Professional On-camera Microphone with Specialized FunctionsSYNCO Mic-D30 is a camera-mount super cardioid shotgun microphone offering optional low-cut filter, adjustable gain control and overdrive protection system to get high-quality sound, ideal for film, TV and documentary recording.Natural Sound RenderingTo achieve better off-axis noise suppression and frequency response, SYNCO Mic-D30 shotgun microphone employs a unique interference tube, combined with the acoustic design of slanting air vents. It optimizes the voice in intermediate frequency and enriches the audio details in low frequency, delivering clean, crisp and nature sound.Super High SensitivityMic-D30 video shotgun mic provides a stepless analog gain dial, adjustable from -10dB to 15dB in the linear. You can subtly regulate the exact amount of gain increase or decrease as requested. Together with -24dB +/-2dB high sensitivity, Mic-D30 could capture very small acoustic wave to output clear, accurate sound.Real-time Audio Monitoring SystemA 3.5mm TRS headphone monitoring jack is used to real-time hear what you would get in the soundtrack ultimately. SYNCO shotgun mic is paired with those headphones under 55 Ohm impedance to monitor the audio for energy saving. You can continuously monitor for 5-8 hours.75Hz/150Hz Low Cut FilterWith ultra low-noise electronics, Mic-D30 on-camera mic generates little inherent noise


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