Outstanding 265mm extendable rod which can be adjusted to use in five levels of length. Stretch it out for brand new visions and creative angles.

Use SmartFollow to secure the spotlight on the filming people, animals and objects at any time.

Following Deviation in Static StateMax: ± 0.04°
Min: ± 0.01°
Following Deviation in Motion StateMax: ± 0.3°
Standard: ± 0.1°
Min: ± 0.05°
Tilt Mechanical Range
Roll Mechanical Range268°
Pan Mechanical Range290°
Operation VoltageMax: 4.2v
Min: 3.4v
Operation CurrentMax: 5000mA
Min: 240mA
Charging Time2h (lab data)
Size & Weight 
Product Size (W*D*H)71*56*160mm
Net Weight~300g/unit

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