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Solidcom SE Key Features & Product Description (English)


Key Features


  1. Full-Duplex
  2. Dual-Mic ENC
  3. Water and Wind Resistance
  4. 1.9 GHz or 2.4 GHz Band
  5. 1,100ft (350m) LOS Range
  6. PTT Function
  7. Long Battery Life
  8. USB-C Charging


Solidcom SE is what small production teams need to take their communication experience to the next level. Engineered with a focus on affordability without compromising quality, the 1.9 GHz or 2.4 GHz full-duplex communication system boasts a lightweight form factor, advanced Environmental Noise Cancellation, and water and wind resistance, among other features, empowering team members to collaborate effectively in diverse settings, including commercial video production and waterside operations.



Reliable Communication. Expandable Solution.

Solidcom SE supports full-duplex communication that enables team members to communicate simultaneously, eliminating the need for them to take turns speaking, thus saving valuable time and enhancing work efficiency. The system guarantees a stable and steady connection at distances of up to 1,100ft (350m) over the 1.9 GHz or 2.4 GHz* frequency band, and can expand to a maximum of 8 headsets, making it highly competent for various team sizes. It also features auto frequency hopping technology, which enables automatic frequency switching when encountering interference, making the communication system more stable and reliable.


*Solidcom SE has two versions, with one supporting transmission only over the 1.9 GHz and the other only over the 2.4 GHz.



Dual-Mic ENC. Superior Sound.

The advanced dual-mic Environmental Noise Cancellation technology processes sound in a way that cancels out environmental noise, ensuring your voice comes through loud and clear even in noisy surroundings. Featuring a Signal-to-Noise Ratio of 71dB, Solidcom SE enables a faithful reproduction of audio, offering an immersive experience.



Water and Wind Resistance.

The headsets boast water and wind resistance. Internal protective paint prevents water penetration, while an advanced algorithm reduces wind noise. You can have peace of mind knowing that the system remains operational on rainy or windy shoots.



Hassle-Free Operation.

Solidcom SE is ready to use right out of the box because all headsets are pre-paired at the factory. In addition to the Push-to-Talk function, the system features a moveable microphone boom for control of talking and a latching design that allows you to switch between mute and talk with just one press. All of these ensure smooth and hassle-free usage.



Lighter. Cleaner. Cozier.

Crafted with lighter and more durable materials, the headset is super lightweight, weighing approximately the same as an apple. Say goodbye to discomfort during extended wear. Replaceable over-ear ear pad comes in handy especially in summer, keeping your ear sanitary at all times.



Continuous Power. Endless Creativity.

The headsets feature detachable batteries, ensuring the system keeps running with minimal downtime. The headset also supports USB-C charging. With a power bank on hand, your creativity never ends.


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