Smoke K


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LENSGO smoke machine is designed for various purposes. Use it to add dramatic effects to concerts, create an enchanting atmosphere at weddings, bring spookiness to Halloween gatherings, or use it for efficient space disinfection when needed.
Enjoy the convenience of controlling the smoke output from a distance. LENSGO Smoke K fog machine with 60ml x 1 bottle fluid Included wireless remote allows you to adjust the smoke intensity and duration effortlessly, perfect for stage performances or enhancing the ambiance of any event.
Smoke Output: Producing a substantial amount of smoke, the fogger can cover an area of 20 cubic meters in just one minute, ensuring a mesmerizing and visually striking effect that captivates your audience.
Designed with convenience in mind, the hand-held smoke machine is lightweight and easy to carry, making it ideal for outdoor events and on-the-go setups.


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