SYNCO Mic-D1 Shotgun Microphone: Sounds in Sync Everywhere!
SYNCO Mic-D1 is a hyper-cardioid, professional shotgun microphone that delivers broadcast-quality sound in the studio or on location. The microphone features 78dB SNR, CNC Brass Metal Construction, 48V Phantom Power/ AA Battery, and Gold Plated XLR Connector. There is a selectable high-pass filter at 180 Hz that minimizes unwanted noise and rumble. Ideal for outdoor recording!


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Broadcast Sound Quality

SYNCO Mic-D1 professional shotgun microphone is designed for video production and broadcast applications. 78dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) guarantees better audio signal transmission. A premium foam windscreen attached will help reduce environmental noise largely. This microphone will present original sound perfectly, ideal for outdoor recording.

Hyper-cardioid Microphone

As a Hyper-cardioid shotgun microphone, Mic-D1 with high-grade condenser transducer would focus on picking up rich detailed sound right in front of it and reject sounds coming from side and rear. The elevated sensitivity of -32dB(±2dB) allows it to produce strong output levels without having to apply extreme gain at your mic preamp.

CNC Brass Metal Construction

Made of instrument-grade brass, SYNCO Mic-D1 has an elegant appearance and solid construction under CNC processing. Brass material would not damp acoustic vibration, and can deliver a bright and clear sound tone; it also endows Mic-D1 with strong anti-interference capacity. Matte finish rejects unwanted light reflections.

48V Phantom Power/ AA Battery

Having a gold-plated 3-pin Male XLR connector, Mic-D1 runs on 48V phantom power supplied by most professional video cameras, mixing boards, or recording devices. It can also be powered by one AA battery over 100 hours, which is ideal for DSLR cameras, computers, and other devices that don’t offer phantom power.

Selectable 180Hz High-pass Filter

Designed with a high-pass filter button, SYNCO Mic-D1 could remove undesired low-frequency noise and rumble at 180Hz, such as footsteps, or motor noises from record players, air conditioners, blowers, etc. Using advanced sound wave interference technology, the Mic-D1 tube would filter out some frequency noise too.

Multiple Mounting Position

The length (11.22 inches) of shotgun Mic-D1 is well suited for ENG, outdoor recording, and camera mounting. A 3/8” to 5/8” mic holder for easy placement on a boom pole or tripod. Through XLRM-XLRF cable and 3.5mm-XLR cable, the Mic-D1 can connect to cameras, camcorders and mixer boards, etc.



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