Synco Mic-M3

Key Features

Mobile Journalist, Vlogger, Run & Gun

For Cameras and Smartphones

50-Hour Run Time via AAA Batteries

Gain Control and High-Pass Filter

Bundled with cables for use with cameras and mobile devices in run-and-gun shoots, vlogging, and mobile journalism, the Synco Mic-M3 camera-mount shotgun microphone delivers sharper directionality and more sonic flexibility than the Synco Mic-M1, plus the ability to monitor your signal in real time.


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Synco Mic-M3

SYNCO M3, a camera mounted microphone, holds every detail to pick up sound better than any microphone of its size, including well-designed 3-level adjustable gain control, above-industry-average 100Hz low cut filter, and daily-use accessories. It helps add audio brilliance to the present visual feast. Its strong compatibility gives it every possibility to perform in a documentary, wedding, vlog recording, etc.

Supercardioid Pickup Pattern

SYNCO camera mic M3 carries a supercardioid pickup pattern, which is excellent in minimizing noises and ambiances off-axis. The condenser capsule captures intact audio details and outputs natural, desired sound.

SYNCO Mic-M3 Supercardioid Pickup Pattern

3-Level Gain Control

M3 is modified to have a 3-level gain control (-10dB, 0dB, +10dB) to improve the input signals. Use it to control the recording directly when problems found during the 3.5mm output interface based real-time monitoring.

SYNCO Mic-M3 3-Level Gain Control

LCF at 100Hz

SYNCO on-camera microphone M3 offers a 100Hz low cut filter to eliminate low-frequency noises caused by airflow, shake, electrical current, or traffic. Thus clear and crisp sound without unwanted rumbles is captured.

SYNCO Mic-M3 LCF at 100Hz

All-in Accessories

The package includes a cotton wind muff to minimize wind noises, a PA-made shock mount to ease unexpected shake, a canvas pouch to protect this DSLR camera microphone from scratch, and 3.5mm TRS/TRRS cables to get adapted to more devices.

SYNCO Mic-M3 All-in Accessories

LED Indicator

The LED indicator on this microphone for camera tells the working status. The light stays green when the mic works properly; otherwise, it is off. No on-and-on audio bar checking or monitoring is needed.

SYNCO Mic-M3 LED Indicator

Bag-friendly Design

M3 on camera microphone, Φ32×186mm sized and 52g weighed, can be put into a handbag easily. Just take it out and start recording at any time, any place.

SYNCO Mic-M3 Bag-friendly Design


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