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Make the YoloBox Mini Ultra-Portable All-in-One Smart Live Streaming Encoder & Monitor from YoloLiv the central hub for recording from your camera while live streaming from from virtually anywhere for a simple and easy way to capture and stream without a computer. The YoloBox Mini can simultaneously broadcast up to three video streams via Wi-Fi, RJ45 Ethernet, or 4G LTE with a separately available SIM card and subscription. The YoloBox Mini features a USB input, one HDMI input and one HDMI output for local viewing, both mic and line analog audio inputs, a Qualcomm 660 encoder/processor, and a 5.5″ LCD touchscreen with 500 cd/m² brightness.

The YoloBox Mini is ideal for streaming from a single camera or when connected to a switcher’s output, as it will not only encode and stream, but also add graphic overlays freeing you from needing a computer. Simply connect your video input to either HDMI or USB 2.0, then connect to a local area network via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or LTE (LTE connection requires SIM card and data plan not included). It also features an HDMI output to display your stream locally on an optional HDMI display. The YoloBox Mini supports input resolutions ranging up to 1080p60 and can stream to YouTube, Twitch, and other streaming services via custom RTMP presets. You can record your stream directly in MP4 format to an optional SD card with up to 1TB capacity using the built-in SD card slot.

New Firmware 1.5.0 Update
As of the 1.5.0 update, YoloLiv has updated the following features: Updated network bonding, dedicated YoloCast event pages, instant replay saving as new source, and more.
Key Features
  • Touch control without a computer
  • 5.5″ LCD with 500 cd/m² brightness
  • Built-in simultaneous streaming to up to 3 destinations
  • HDCP compliant
  • Stream via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, LTE 4G
  • 1 x HDMI input, 1 x USB video input, 1 x SD card slot, 1 x HDMI output
  • One USB Type-C charging input
  • Mic and line audio input
  • Ability to input PDF
  • Add logos/comments to the stream
  • Import pictures/videos from SD card
  • Records internally to an SD card up to 1TB
  • Direct integration with YouTube/Facebook/RTMP(s)
  • Supports up to 1080p60 video
  • Audio mixing
  • Chroma keying
  • Auto-switching
  • Fade-to-black transition
  • Guest call-in feature
  • Add background music
Video Switching
You can add multiple sources for video switching in addition to USB-C and HDMI input, including SD card videos, PDF files, and up to 10 static images or GIFs.
Touchscreen Control
The YoloBox Mini provides you with a touchscreen interface for easy streaming and control.
Network Functions
The device works as an encoder that allows for live streaming, and it supports network bonding on Wi-Fi, 4G, and Ethernet.
Dedicated Page for YoloCast Events
A dedicated page for YoloCast events allows you to manage all YoloCast events separately. Any streams created through YoloCast will be synchronized on YoloBox Mini, and vice versa.
  • You can brand your live stream by adding logos/watermarks/rolling captions
  • Customized options, including Interview mode, allow you to bring a unique look and feel to your stream
  • Engage with your audience in real time via feature comment overlays
  • Twitch comment support
  • The customizable scoreboard feature displays a real-time-controlled scoreboard for professional looking results
  • Built-in lower-thirds templates can be edited or you can add your own
  • Auto-hide graphic overlays
  • One-click multi-view swapping
  • Web URL overlay
Video Cropping
Video cropping gives you the ability to crop a video as a new video source with aspect ratios including 16:9, 9:16, and a customized aspect ratio as you like. You can opt to replace the original video with the cropped video or save it as a new one.
Video/Instant Replay
Enhance your live sports productions with the power of instant replay. YoloBox Mini Video Replay, the operator can review the action and jump back to any point in the game all with real-time control over camera angle and playback speed. Instant Replay also allows you to save replays as new sources in MP4 format in YoloBox Mini. The replays will be simultaneously stored on your SD card.
You can connect to the internet using the integrated RJ45 (Ethernet) port, Wi-Fi, and via cell service using an optional SIM card and data plan.
Streaming Platforms
  • Major steaming platforms such as Facebook live, YouTube, and Twitch as well as YoloLIV are supported.
  • RTMP protocols allow you to stream to custom RTMP destinations, including YouTube.

Mini, Mobile, Mighty

YoloBox Mini is a super portable live streaming encoder, monitor and recorder that is capable of incorporating many powerful features for high end work! As the name suggests, it’s very small compared to almost all other live streaming solutions. You can fit it in your pocket, especially perfect for live events that require high mobility. If you’re looking for a mini but mighty live streaming solution for mobile live streaming needs, YoloBox Mini is your best choice.

Go Live in 1080/60

Anybody can stream live online, but not everyone can make it professional. Bring your live productions to the next level with broadcast quality 1080p60 video.

Stream to Multiple Destinations

Distribute your content to more viewers and streamline your workflow by simultaneously streaming to your favorite platforms, including Facebook, Youtube, Twitch or others through RTMP.

Graphic Overlays

Make your video productions stand out by adding custom scoreboards, text, logos, countdown timer and more. Creating proper stream graphics help you convey your brand and keep your audiences engaged.

Monitor Mode

Utilize the device even when you are not live streaming. Record, switch, add overlays and transitions to level up your video production efficiency.

4G LTE Support

Stream over all available networks from Ethernet, WiFi, 4G LTE modems and hotspots. Making sure you can always live stream with confidence even if you’re out with no Ethernet or WiFi around.


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