No Blur On the Move

No Blur On the Move

Empowered by the advanced stabilizing technology, Smooth-C presents you a brand new way to record videos and take photos with your smartphone camera. When you try to capture a shot, Smooth-C will keep the camera still and steady to help you create wonderful smooth streams with cinematic effect that are ready to share.

3rd Generation Motor Control System

Empowered by Zhiyun’s 3rd Generation Motor Control System with enhanced motor performance by 30%, Smooth-C responses to intense motions or even sudden twists in real-time with precise and smooth compensation to help you create perfect footage even when you move.

Smart Control for Free Creativity

Integrated with the world’s leading stabilizing technology in Zhiyun’s unique high-precision motor control system, combined with the 3 classic smart gimbal mode for easiest control, Smooth-C offers Pan Following, Locking and Following Mode options to help you create with more convenience and freedom.

Faster Speed with Lower Consumption

Well-tuned by Zhiyun’s self-innovated Instune 3.0 Algorithm, the work efficiency of control motors on all three axes of Smooth-C has been greatly improved, thus reducing power consumption during operations with faster and more accurate stabilizing performance.

Battery Extension Design

Smooth-C comes standard with two 18350 Li-Ion batteries installed in a highly portable and compact construction, supporting a 4-hour continuous runtime. Meanwhile, as Smooth-C is also compatible with 18650 batteries, it allows an alternate battery option for extended working time up to 6 hours with an extensional battery compartment for convenient installation.